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At Timeshare Mini Storage, our mission is simple! We provide you with the security and safety of your goods and belongings while you’re home. We deliver your stored items securely upon your next visit to St. Maarten. So, if you have stuff that you’d like to leave behind and use again when you return, Timeshare Mini Storage offers a worry free, cost effective storage solution.

Timeshare Mini Storage is a convenient,
cost effective solution to hassle free vacation storage!

No more paying extra airline baggage fees.

No more discarding your vacation items in the trash.

No more hiding items when you leave to use on your return.

We offer secure, water & heat resistant sealed containers.

Delivery and pick-up service is included.

Why store your vacation stuff with us?

St. Maarten is our favorite vacation spot.

We love vacationing in St. Maarten, but we realized that "the friendly island" did not have a storage solution for those of us who visit often. We wanted to change that, so we created Timeshare Mini Storage, a worry free pick-up and delivery storage service that provides St. Maarten visitors with a safe and secure place to store their belongings until they return. We store your stuff till you need it!..READ MORE ABOUT US >


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